Tayo Agunbiade

Tayo Agunbiade

Social Historian, Author and Journalist

Tayo Agunbiade: Social Historian, Author & Journalist

Unlock the hidden chapters of history with Tayo Agunbiade a social historian, author and journalist, on a journey through the often-overlooked stories of remarkable Women who have shaped societies across time.

About Tayo Agunbiade

Tayo is not just a chronicler of history; she is a passionate explorer, delving into the depths of the past to reveal the narratives that have long been buried. Over very many years, her interests have taken her to several branches of Nigeria’s National Archives, as well as the British and Bodleian Libraries. She has degrees in History and Women’s Development Studies from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and the University of East London respectively. Tayo has also dedicated part of her career to the gender analysis of representation in electoral politics, legislatures and governance in Nigeria.

Her archival research spans Women’s history, parliament, politics and World War One and Two. Through meticulous exploration of archives with a keen eye for detail and little-known stories, she brings to light, stories that have the power to reshape our understanding of the past. She regularly posts information about Women’s history on her X (Twitter) handle @omotayoagunbiad.

Untold Histories of Nigerian Women Emerging from the Margins

Untold Histories of Nigerian Women: Emerging from the Margins by Tayo Agunbiade is a 20-chapter book which redefines the scope and text of Nigeria’s 20th century historical narratives. It is based on research conducted at five branches of the national archives across Nigeria which unearthed British colonial-era administrative documents such as correspondence and memos between bureaucrats; annual colonial reports, minutes of council meetings, petitions, as well as primary source material from Nigerian historical newspapers, magazines and journals.

This book retrieves Women from historical invisibility to challenge Nigeria’s male-centric historiography and enriches the text of global historical narratives. It records hidden and over-looked archival information about the voices, experiences and accomplishments of Women across the country from 1922 to 2022, to reveal their contributions in the shaping of society.

Forgotten and poorly known episodes of deputations, street marches and resistance led by colonised Women against unpalatable ordinances receives extensive attention in this book. 


Recent Conference Papers

She has presented papers at several international conferences. For example, in September 2022, she presented a paper at the Women’s History Network’s annual conference on “Three Voices from West Africa (1942/43)”; and in November 2023, she presented a paper on “West African Women during the Great War” at the Great War in Africa Association in London.

She is currently working on her second volume of history which is a trans-national project based on her archival research of an aspect of Women’s literary writings and public life accomplishments in West Africa during the British colonial era.

Tayo is an Associate Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, as well as a member of the Royal Africa Society, the Women’s History Network, Friends of the Women’s Library at the London School of Economics, Co-ordinating, Historical Writers’ Association.

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