Tayo Agunbiade

Tayo Agunbiade's Vision for Women's History

Unlock the hidden chapters of history with Tayo Agunbiade: a journalist, author & social historian, on a journey through the often-overlooked stories of remarkable Women who have shaped societies across time.

A Passionate Chronicler of Untold Narratives

Tayo Agunbiade transcends the traditional role of a historian; she is a fervent explorer, traversing the annals of time to unearth narratives that have long been concealed by the sands of history. Her commitment to peeling back the layers of time and shedding light on forgotten stories sets her apart as a dedicated advocate for the voices that time has often rendered silent.

Navigating the Depths of Archives: A Time-Traveler's Odyssey

Tayo’s intellectual odyssey has taken her to the hallowed halls of Nigeria’s National Archives, the venerable British Library, and the historical troves of the Bodleian Library. Armed with a discerning eye for detail and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she painstakingly sifts through historical records, extracting tales that have the potential to redefine our understanding of the past.

A Scholarly Mosaic of Diverse Interests

Her academic pursuits form a mosaic of diverse subjects, ranging from Women’s history to parliamentary affairs, political landscapes, and the profound impact of World War I and II on West Africa. Through her diligent exploration of archives, Tayo unveils the lesser-known narratives, offering fresh perspectives on historical events and the resilient figures who have shaped them.

Advocating for Women’s Empowerment

Tayo’s commitment extends beyond the archives; she actively engages in gender analysis within electoral politics, legislatures, and governance in Nigeria. Her research not only sheds light on historical Women but also amplifies the ongoing struggle for gender equality, making her a potent force in the advocacy for Women’s empowerment.

Sharing Discoveries on a Global Stage

Tayo Agunbiade is not content to let her findings gather dust on the shelves of archives. Instead, she passionately shares her discoveries with the world through international conferences. Among her notable presentations are “Three Voices from West Africa (1942/43)” at the Women’s History Network’s annual conference in September 2022 and “West African Women during the Great War” at the Great War in Africa Association in London in November 2023.

Beyond the Archives: A Literary Expedition

Currently immersed in her second volume of history, Tayo’s trans-national project is based on her archival research into Women’s literary writings and public life accomplishments in West Africa during the British colonial era. This upcoming work promises to be a captivating exploration, revealing a hitherto overlooked facet of history with literary flair and historical depth.

Academic Prowess and Educational Journey

Tayo’s academic journey is marked by a degree in History from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, providing her with a solid foundation. Further enriching her educational portfolio, she holds a degree in Women’s Development Studies from the University of East London, attesting to her multidisciplinary approach to historical exploration.

Associations and Affiliations: A Tapestry of Connections

As an Associate Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, Tayo Agunbiade weaves herself into the fabric of esteemed organizations. Her memberships in the Royal Africa Society, the Women’s History Network, the Historical Writers Association, Friends of the Women’s Library at the London School of Economics, Co-ordinating Council for Women in History, and the Social History Society showcase her dedication to engaging in the scholarly discourse shaping historical narratives.

In essence, Tayo Agunbiade stands not only as a historian but as an intrepid explorer, storyteller, and tireless advocate for the voices that history has often marginalized. Through her relentless pursuit of forgotten stories, she continues to enrich our understanding of the past, inspiring others to join her in this journey through time.


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